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since 1929

Pokon works wonders

About Pokon

Pokon’s roots

Everyone knows Pokon, which is unsurprising, because Pokon has been around since 1929. For years, the green bottle with the yellow cap has been a part of nearly every home. In 1929, Herman Pieter Bendien and the then National Horticultural consultant Mr Bloemsma developed the first Pokon formula. The name Pokon was derived from the chemical composition of this formula: P₂O₅ - K₂O – N₂. P, K and N are the symbols for phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Pokon has greatly expanded its activities over the years and we can now offer you a range of varied and useful products, from plant protection products to grass seed and compost. As real plant lovers, we will continue to grow and spread our roots all over the world.

Product development

The first Pokon product, a powder, was a huge hit. Plenty of other companies tried to imitate Pokon’s success, but thanks to bold advertising campaigns (that were revolutionary for their time), Pokon managed to come out on top of its competitors again and again. Up to this day, we continue to invest in research and development of new products so that we can maintain our pole position, whereby the keywords are effectiveness and convenience.

Pokon Naturado

Pokon is a consumer product brand and part of the company Pokon Naturado, established in Veenendaal. Pokon split off from Pokon Chrysal, established in Naarden, and merged with Naturado in 2008. Pokon Naturado is market leader in the supply of soils, fertilizers, plant protection, pesticides and grass seeds for the Dutch home gardening market.