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Pokon works wonders


Conifers are plants with needles rather than leaves. Examples of common conifers are Picea, Thuja, Taxus, Abies, Cedrus and Cryptomeria. These plants are often chosen for gardens because they keep their green foliage all year round. You do need to give them the right care if they are retain their beautiful dark green colour.

It all starts with the right soil...

Conifers do well on sandy soils, however you do need to ensure there is sufficient humus in the soil when planting new conifers. This will prevent them drying because the soil will be able to retain more water so that the roots can develop properly.

The right nutrients

Alongside the right soil, boxes and conifers also require a balanced diet of nutrients. As well as lots of potassium, they also need magnesium. Magnesium helps plants develop their luscious and full green colour. If the needles start to brown after a time this usually indicates a magnesium deficiency. If this deficiency is persistent, you may have to treat the plant.


Hedges require careful pruning to keep them healthy. Never prune back beyond the green foliage, because then the pruned branches will fail to bud (yews are an exception). Prune hedge conifers to be narrower at the top than at the bottom so that light can more easily reach the lowest branches. This will ensure a beautiful, full hedge.