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Box trees

Boxes are popular garden plants, among others because they keep their luscious green foliage all year round. Sadly, not all gardeners succeed in growing beautiful green boxes. If you are one of these, you will be pleased to know that success is just around the corner - if you give your boxes the right care.

It all starts with the right soil...

Boxes prefer a soil rich in humus and not too acidic. If you are planting your boxes in pots, then preferably use a special potting compost for boxes. If you are planting your boxes in a border then it is important that you prepare the soil carefully beforehand. Enrich the soil in the plant hole with special box compost to ensure that the roots can develop properly.

The right nutrients

Alongside the right soil, boxes also require the right fertilizer. As well as the basic elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, they also need magnesium. We recommend using special box tree fertilizer, because it is especially composed to meet the needs of these beautiful evergreens. Boxes also like a handful of lime spread around their trunks in the spring, which will ensure that the soil does not become too acidic.


Boxes require careful pruning to keep them healthy.