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Pokon works wonders

Terrace & Balcony Hanging Garden

Is your balcony too small for pot plants? Or is the view from your balcony a bare wall? The Pokon Hanging Garden will cheer the place up! And you don’t even need green fingers. The Pokon Hanging Garden fits the trend of vertical gardening and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use. So how do you create a hanging garden?
Buy your favourite summer or winter flowering plants from your local garden centre (the Pokon Hanging Garden has room for five or six plants). The green hanging bag clearly indicates where you can plant these. Open the potting holes with a knife and plant your purchased plants in them. Finally, hang your Hanging Garden on a bare wall and let the summer begin! Choose summer flowers such as Campanula, Lobelia or Petunia. In the autumn you could try planting horned violets. Their hanging flowers will create an explosion of colour!

Instructions for use

1. Place the Hanging Garden on the floor and make the required number of holes in the bag with a knife.
2. Make room for the plants, plant them in the bag and press the soil down firmly.
3. Now cut off the top of the bag and plant another plant here if you wish.
4. Hang the bag on the wall using a hook or the special holes.
5. Finally, give water!

Watering your Hanging Garden

The Pokon Hanging Garden contains enough nutrients to last for six months... the entire growing season! Make sure you do water your Hanging Garden regularly, especially during dry periods. Pour the water on top and it will gradually percolate throughout your Hanging Garden. The best time to water is early in the morning or in the evening. You don’t have to worry about your plants getting too much water and drowning, because excess water is drained off automatically.

Where to buy

The Pokon Hanging Garden is available in most garden centres.