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A mulch for every garden

Mulches are available in a wide variety of types. Mulches made of cocoa or coconut husks or bark are an excellent alternative to tiles or grass. The choice is yours. Cocoa and coconut husks both have the major advantage that they deter the growth of weeds, are 100% natural products and make your garden look more attractive and well tended. Shredded coconut husks are also deliciously soft for bare feet. Bark is also a 100% natural product but more suitable as a decorative mulch.


Cocoa husks are an ideal mulch for borders. It contains cocoa husks left over after cocoa bean processing. This decorative product has many different uses.

The cocoa husk mulch stops the sun from shining directly on your soil, preventing it from drying out so that you will need to water it less often. Below the mulch, a moist habitat is created which stimulates the growth of soil organisms. The layer of cocoa husks deters weeds and also keeps slugs and cats at bay (they do not like the structure of the husks).

Play areas and paths

A play area or path needs a soft and cushioning material. Coconut Mulch is made from the soft husks of coconuts and so is ideal for covering paths and for under swings and other play areas. Coconut mulch is also soft on bare feet. In contrast with a tiled garden path, coconut mulch allows rainwater to filter through to the soil quickly. This means you will be spared those typical issues with outdoor tiling: pools of water and green mould. Moreover, the layer of mulch also prevents weeds growing.


Cocoa and coconut mulches are both ideal decorative layers in the garden. Another alternative is bark mulch. Bark chips provide a 100% natural and long-lasting decorative mulch. The harder structure of Scots pine bark makes it less suitable for paths and play areas.

An alternative is Pine Bark, which is also 100% natural and very durable and also suitable for walking on.