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It all starts with the right soil...

Roses prefer a soil rich in humus. If you are planting your roses in pots, then preferably use a special potting compost for roses. If you are planting your roses in a border then it is important that you prepare the soil carefully beforehand.
Enrich the soil in the plant hole with special rose compost to ensure that the roots can develop properly.

The right nutrients

Alongside the right soil, roses also require the right fertilizer. As well as lots of potassium, they also need iron and magnesium. Iron ensures vibrant coloured flowers, while magnesium is for luscious green foliage.


Roses require careful pruning to keep them healthy.

Diseases and plagues

Roses are beautiful plants, but they are also very susceptible to diseases and plagues. So it’s a relief to know that you can prevent these by using the right compost and plant food. After all, healthy plants are more resistant to diseases and plagues.

Caring for your plants

  • Give fertilizer between March and August.
  • Prune between March and April or October and November.
  • Plant between January and April or between October and November (as long as it is not freezing).