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Soil analysis

The test involves an analysis of the nutrients and pH. With the results of the Pokon Soil Tester we can advise you which Pokon speciality fertilizers you need for your garden. It is a good idea to test your soil, especially when planting a new garden or if your plants are not growing as well as they should. Based on the results of the test, we will offer you personal advice on how to get your garden into top shape for the future.

We can tell you exactly how much of each of the elements nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium your garden needs, as well as the required application of lime to achieve the right pH.

What are the main nutritional elements required by plants and how do they help the plant?


Pokon Nitrogen Fertilizer stimulates the growth of the plant’s green parts, such as the leaves and stems. This fertilizer contains extra magnesium, so that your plants will develop a rich and vivid green colour. Plants with a nitrogen deficiency develop a light yellow-green colour and suffer from stunted growth. But too much nitrogen is bad for the plant as well, because it will grow too fast and can become weakened.

Phosphorus (phosphate)

Pokon Phosphate Fertilizer helps the development of the plants’ roots, fruit and flowers. This product has been created especially for ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens and lawns. Do not use too much phosphate, as it can leach into the soil. To be certain, you could have your soil analysed. Only then will you know if extra phosphate is required.


Pokon Potassium Fertilizer makes for more robust plants and increases their resistance to diseases, plagues and drought. Potassium also makes your plants more winter hardy. This fertilizer contains extra magnesium, so that your plants will develop a rich and vivid green colour. Suitable for fruit trees and bushes, lawns, tubers and bulbs, etc.


Pokon Magnesium Fertilizer stimulates the growth of chlorophyll. Suitable for conifers, ornamental bushes and lawns. This fertilizer ensures you will have healthy plants with a rich and vivid green colour.

Garden Lime

Pokon Garden Lime improves the growth of plants and lawns. Lime improves the soil structure and prevents acidification. This makes the nutrients in the soil more readily available, so that your plants and lawns can flourish.  Garden Lime also prevents the growth of moss, a typical source of annoyance in the lawn. By spreading lime on your lawn you can prevent the growth of moss.