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Pokon works wonders

Soil improvers

Garden Peat

Garden peat adds organic matter to the soil. This improves aeration in the soil so that the roots of your plants will grow better. Garden Peat is relatively acidic, making it an ideal addition to clayey soils and for plants that prefer acidic soils, such as heather, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and azaleas. Main advantages: Pokon Garden Peat is a 100% natural product. Garden peat does not contain extra nutrients, so it is important to regularly add fertilizer.  

Peat Litter

Peat litter has much the same characteristics as garden peat, however the material has a courser and more durable structure, improving the aeration in the soil even more than garden peat. The course structure of peat litter makes it ideal for protecting flower bulbs and other plants from heavy frosts in the winter.

Ornamental Garden Compost

Pokon Ornamental Garden Compost is a mixed organic soil containing garden peat, composted pine bark and organic manure. The addition of nutrients make it a richer soil improver than garden peat or peat litter. This compost is 100% organic, well-aerated and has excellent water retention properties. Ideal for improving the structure of the soil in your garden! Pokon Ornamental Garden Compost is ideal for borders, lawns and the vegetable garden. For plants with special requirements, we recommend Pokon Garden Potting Soil or a speciality soil mix such as Pokon Rose Potting Soil.