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since 1929

Pokon works wonders


It is easier to grow your own vegetables than you might think. Carrots, beans, kale, potatoes, lettuce... in fact you can easily grow most vegetables that can find at your greengrocers in your own garden.

Most vegetables have specific requirements as to where to sow and how to care for them. Some vegetables should be sown in a mini greenhouse or tunnel (use Pokon Sowing & Cutting Soil) before they can be planted outside in the spring. Others should not be planted in a bed where certain other vegetables were grown the year before. You may not know an experienced gardener who can tell you exactly what you need to do, so it’s good to know Pokon has a range of organic products that will help ensure your vegetable garden cannot fail! Use Pokon Vegetable Garden Potting Soil and fertilize with Pokon Vegetable & Herb Fertiziler.

You will find important tips for sowing, cultivating and harvesting your vegetables on the packets of seeds you can buy in any garden centre.