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Vegetable Garden

More and more people are growing their own produce. Not only is it fun and educational, it’s delicious too! You can see the increased interest in home-grown herbs, vegetables and fruit everywhere you look. Not only in the waiting lists for allotment gardens; you also see more and more people growing edible plants on their balconies. Or even in kitchen window boxes. Schools are giving this phenomenon more attention too. You don’t need an orchard or a large vegetable garden to ‘eat off the land’; even the tiniest city garden can produce a wealth of fruit and vegetables. Moreover, vegetables and fruit give a garden colour and recall the long, hot days of summer!


Like garden plants, fruit and vegetable plants require the right care. Healthy fruit and vegetable plants are less susceptible to diseases and plagues, but if you care for them lovingly you will taste the difference too! Pokon Berry Fruit Fertilizer contains everything that fruit plants need for optimum growth and delicious fruit. 

Research reveals that one of the most important arguments why people grow their own food is that they want to be sure they eat wholesome and honest food. Pokon’s complete range of products for the home vegetable garden all meet the European standard for organic horticulture and agriculture. This means all our composts and fertilizers meet the most stringent European requirements.