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Pokon works wonders


Plants bring your garden into your home. They make your interior more intimate and give it colour. But houseplants are not only beautiful to look at – they also provide oxygen and many of them help to keep the air in your home clean. Plants are not only indispensable in your home, but on your balcony, terrace and in your garden too. They are decorative, provide homes for birds and animals, offer privacy and shelter from the sun, create play areas for your children... in fact the benefits are endless! So many plants, so many possibilities.

Bringing plants into your home will improve your living environment and you will find that you suffer less from stress, are less tired and can concentrate better. There is an endless choice of plants available and they often have different needs. You can meet their needs by providing them with the right soil and nutrients, mimicking as much as possible their natural habitat. Just follow a number of basic rules to ensure your plants grow and flower in profusion.

The right soil

Soil provides the basis for every plant. By giving your houseplants the right soil, they will absorb nutrients and water faster, helping them to flourish and flower for longer. The choice of pot is important too. The right soil and the right pot ensure a healthy houseplant.

The right nutrients

Plants need food, just like people. Some plants require more than others. Moreover, plants do not all have the same needs. A green plant such as a cactus is completely different to a colourful orchid. You need to give the right amount of extra nutrients to the right plant to ensure that it grows and flourishes. A healthy plant is a stronger plant that will be less susceptible to pests such as aphids, mites and insects.

The right location

Always read the label of your plant carefully to find out whether you need to place it in the light or the shade.

Tip: Start with a layer of Pokon Hydro Granules at the bottom of the pot when potting a plant. This helps ensure the right water balance in the pot. Hydro Granules help the plant to grow and offer the roots a purchase. Hydro Granules can also be used decoratively, for example as a top layer in pots.

Finally, you do not need to have green fingers to be a successful gardener. With a little bit of patience, attention, some basic knowledge and, of course, Pokon, you can achieve a lot!

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