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The right soil: half the job

Anthuriums occur naturally in humid tropical rainforests where they grow in wet, swampy areas. This is why anthuriums prefer soils with even moisture distribution.


  • Make a few holes in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to escape easily.
  • Repot anthuriums in the spring if the pot grows too small.

The right spot: off to a good start

Anthuriums prefer a light spot but out of direct sunlight.

The right nutrients: a beautiful plant

If cared for properly, your anthuriums will flower in profusion all year round. This is why they occasionally need fertilizer in order to grow and flourish. Stop giving fertilizer for six weeks during the winter in order to stimulate the growth of new buds. Anthuriums naturally occur in humid environments, which is why you should moisten your anthurium every week by spraying the leaves or moistening them with a damp cloth. 

The right season: all year round

As with most plants, anthuriums need a lot more water in the summer.