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The right soil: half the job

Cacti prefer poor, dry soils, just like in their natural environment. The right soil contains plenty of sand, ensuring fast absorption of water as well as drainage of any excess water.


  • Cacti prefer clay pots, because excess water evaporates more quickly in them.
  • Repot your cacti every spring, prior to flowering.

The right spot: off to a good start

Cacti need lots of light.

The right nutrients: a beautiful plant

Give fertilizer once every 2 weeks to ensure healthy growth of your cacti and succulents. Stop giving fertilizer in the winter months (November-February) to allow your cacti a period of rest. During this period you can also refrain from watering. Cacti generally prefer occasional abundances of water rather than a small amount daily, because their soil needs the time to dry up completely between waterings.

The right season: all year round

Most cacti go through a period of growth, a period of flowering and a period of rest. These periods differ per species of cactus (you can find more information on the label of your plant). In the growth period the cactus requires plenty of light and sun. Cacti can be placed outdoors in the summer months (up till mid September).