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It all starts with the right soil...

Orchids in their natural environment often grow on trees with their roots dangling in the air, which is why these roots can easily go brown and rot in the soil. The right water balance combined with a well-aerated soil type can prevent this happening. Orchids require the right nutrients, water and soil.


  • Orchids prefer medium-sized pots. It is best to place a plastic pot with holes in it inside a larger pot so that excess water can easily escape.
  • Repot your orchid at least once every 1.5 to 2 years, but for best results you should really repot them every spring.

The right nutrients

Give fertilizer once every 2 weeks to ensure your orchids keep looking beautiful. You can continue to fertilize the plants all year round, but never give too much. The same applies to watering; avoid giving too much water as this can cause the roots to rot. You can also dissolve the fertilizer in lukewarm water and soak the roots in this solution.

The right spot: off to a good start

Orchids prefer a light spot, but not in direct sunlight.

The right season: all year round

Orchids do not require any specific seasonal care.