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The right soil: half the job

To be able to grow to its full potential, a palm needs a permeable and well-aerated soil.


  • Make a few holes in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to escape easily.
  • You can wait with repotting your palm until it becomes root bound.

The right spot: off to a good start

Palms prefer lots of light and warmth.

The right nutrients: a beautiful plant

Palms need to be fertilized in order to grow and flourish. Allow them a two month rest period in the winter (December-January), but do give them regular water all year round!

The right season: all year round

You should remove the dust from your palms occasionally by spraying them or setting them outside during a summer shower.
Palms need extra water in the summer to prevent them from drying up and dying. Because they love lots of sun, you can place palms outside or in a conservatory from spring until autumn.