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Pokon works wonders


A beautiful green lawn is an eye catcher in any garden. Whether it’s a delicate ornamental lawn you want, or a hardy lawn for playing on, you want your grass to be luscious and green. It is often thought that laying and caring for a lawn is a difficult and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t need to be so.

Laying a lawn

There are various ways to lay a new lawn. A turf lawn is one option, or you can choose from one of three grass seed mixes (ornamental lawn, play and sport lawn, shade lawn). Before you lay your lawn, the earth needs to be prepared carefully using quality lawn soil and, once you’re done, the right lawn fertilizer will give your grass an extra kick start.

Caring for your lawn

Caring for your lawn does not have to be difficult! By using only two lawn-care products and ensuring you do not mow the grass too short, you will soon have the most beautiful lawn in your street. We have created two special lawn fertilizers. If you apply these three times a year (in the spring, summer and autumn), don’t mow your grass too short and regularly water your lawn, then you can be sure that your lawn will have all the care it needs. No more moss and no more lawn aerators!

Lawn Problems

If you are having problems with your lawn, such as moss, weeds or bare patches, then we have the solution for you! Try Pokon Moss Away, Pokon Weeds Away or one of our bare patch repair products.

If you have any questions, please contact us.