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Lawn Care

Is it hard to maintain a beautiful lawn? Not at all!

Many people think that caring for a lawn is a complicated job that should be left to professionals. This is the main reason why people tend to neglect this seemingly complicated task, or worse still, forego having a lawn altogether. What a shame!

The end of all your lawn troubles is in sight!

You mow your lawn regularly in the summer, which costs the grass energy. This energy needs to be replenished by fertilizing the lawn occasionally. This is all pretty logical, you will say. However, caring for your lawn often proves to be more complicated than this. But not any more! 

Pokon makes lawn care easier than it has ever been. Depending on the season, your lawn will have different needs. However, this does not mean that you will require a whole battery of lawn care products. This will only make things unnecessarily complicated. To make things easier for everybody, we sought ways of combining a number of professional lawn care products in order to ensure a truly professional result. The result: 2 products that you can use to care for your lawn all year round.

The secret to the perfect lawn: 2 simple products and the right grass length!

If you would prefer to enjoy your garden rather than tending for your lawn all the time, then we have good news. From now on you can give your lawn all the care it needs using only two special Pokon products:  a fertilizer mix for the spring and autumn called Lawn Fertilizer with Extra Lime,  and a special summer fertilizer, Supergreen Lawn Fertilizer. The only other requirements are that you don’t mow your lawn too short (approx. 4 cm) and that you turn on the sprinkler if it gets too dry in the summer.