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Laying a New Lawn

When is the best time to lay a new lawn?

The best time to lay a new lawn is in April-May or late August-September. 

The right soil

All plants require the right soil to grow and flourish and the grass in your lawn is no different. The right soil will ensure that your grass has access to sufficient nutrients and that it can develop strong roots. This applies to all lawns, whether they be ornamental lawns, utility lawns or shade lawns. Mix the top 15 to 20 cm of topsoil with Pokon Lawn Soil and then level it with a rake, removing any large stones.

Because the right soil is critical, you should test it first before you start laying your lawn. You can use the Pokon Soil Tester. You can also use the soil tester if your lawn has been giving you problems; the fault will often be in the soil!

Prepare the soil

Preferably remove all weeds before creating the new lawn bed. We recommend using Pokon Weeds Away! Wait about two weeks after spraying before you start laying the new lawn.
If you have a clayey or loamy soil, then it is wise to start by improving the drainage in the soil. You can do this by digging 80-100 cm deep holes in the ground and filling these with course sand or rubble. Dig the holes at regular distances from each other to ensure that any rainwater is drained quickly.
Once the lawn has been prepared you can sow your grass seed, such as Pokon Ornamental Lawn Grass Seed, Utility Lawn Grass Seed or Shade Lawn Grass Seed. Preferably sow both length and widthwise, by dividing the grass seed into two portions and sowing half along the length of the lawn area and the other half across the width. Read the packet to see exactly how many square metres of lawn you can sow with Pokon lawn seed. After sowing, roll or stamp the soil firmly. You can stamp the soil by placing two planks next to each other and walking over these firmly. Gradually move across the lawn by shifting the planks (do not step on the lawn when moving them!).

The right spot

You can lay a lawn almost anywhere in your garden, but be aware that different varieties of grass have different requirements. So make sure you determine what kind of conditions your lawn will face beforehand.
Will it receive lots of sun or very little? Is it for intensive use or is it mainly an ornamental lawn?
Ornamental Lawn

If you want to create a beautiful and luscious ornamental lawn then you are advised to buy a special seed mix. The grass species for ornamental lawns generally have finer stalks and grow closer together. We recommend using Pokon Ornamental Lawn Grass Seed. An ornamental lawn is not suitable for intensive use.

Utility lawn

Obviously, a lawn that is used intensively will need to be tough, for example if it is to be used as a play area for children. Pokon has created a special grass seed mix for these lawns: Pokon Utility Lawn Grass Seed.

Shade lawn

Some species of grass are shade tolerant and so are ideal for lawns that are in the shade for most of the day, for example due to tall border vegetation or trees in the area. Pokon has used these grass species to create Pokon Shade Lawn Grass Seed.

However, the soil under the lawn may be so dry, so full of roots or so dark that even a robust special shade lawn will require extra attention. You can remove low-hanging branches to allow in more light, give these areas of lawn more water and mow the grass under trees less often and less short.
If these measures do not work, it would perhaps be better to plant other ground cover that does tolerate the conditions under the trees in your garden.

After laying your lawn

Newly sown lawns should be watered 2 to 3 times a week during dry periods. In the first weeks the lawn should be kept moist, but be sure you do not saturate it! After 4 to 6 weeks the grass will be strong enough for a first mowing. Mow carefully the first time, making sure your mower has sharp blades, and do not mow the grass shorter than 5 cm. From now on you can water once a week (if it has not rained), making sure you give plentiful water so that the soil is thoroughly saturated. We recommend giving your lawn a good start by using Pokon Lawn Shower, which contains extra nutrients. You can also mow more regularly now. Utility lawns should not be mown shorter than 4-5 cm, shade lawns should be minimum 3-4 cm and ornamental lawns no shorter than 2 cm.