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Moss and Weeds

Moss, weeds and bare patches are blemishes on any lawn, whether its for an ornamental, utility or shade lawn. Pokon has created a number of effective herbicides to help keep your lawn beautiful.

Moss herbicide

It is very hard to prevent the growth of moss. Moss gets its chance when your soil is unhealthy (low pH, few soil organisms and/or poor structure). This means that there can never be a single solution for every moss problem. The right balance is very important: spreading lime, regular mowing, removing the mown grass, aerating and fertilizing all help to improve the soil and create a more robust lawn. Only a robust lawn can effectively compete with moss.

If you do get moss problems, you can fix them with a moss herbicide such as Pokon Moss Away!. Once the moss has died back you can simply rake it out, after which you may need to resow the resultant bare patch, for example with Pokon Bare Patch Repairer.

Weed herbicide

Dandelions, daisies, buttercups and clover are all officially described as weeds. Some people welcome them, others can’t wait to get rid of them.

One way to remove weeds is by digging them out with a special weed remover. If the lawn is healthy and the holes are not too large then they will quickly fill in naturally. If your weed problem is more severe then you should use a herbicide. We recommend Pokon Weeds Away! (with added nutrients).

Any bare patches that occur through weed removal can be resown using Pokon Bare Patch Repairer.

Bare patches

Bare patches may be caused by the removal of weeds, an evening around your garden fire basket, or intensive use of a play area, even if you laid a special utility lawn for this purpose. Happily, these patches are easy to repair: mow the grass short, dig out any dead grass and then mix Pokon Bare Patch Repairer with garden compost and spread over the bare ground. Now level the soil, stamp down firmly and moisten (do not give too much water).

Good to know

Many people think that moss and weed herbicides are bad for the grass itself, but in fact the opposite is true! If used properly, herbicides can effectively remove moss and weeds, preventing them from displacing or killing the grass.