About Pokon

As part of our sustainability policy, we aim to have the largest possible proportion of renewable raw materials in our products. What this exactly means, what the consequences are and how you can recognize these products, are all question we will gladly answer.
Renewable raw materials

Renewable raw materials are materials that grow or are released within a period of maximum 50-100 years. Potting mixtures consists largely of peat. Peat is extracted from marshy areas, where it takes thousands of years before new peat is formed. Pokon acquires peat in a responsible way, but still, from a sustainability perspective, the use of renewable raw materials is desirable. For a number of years now we have been adding wood fibre, coconut husks and bark to our potting mixtures.

MPS potting Mix

Our potting mixtures with at least 30% renewable raw materials can be recognized by the MPS quality mark. The MPS potting mixtures contain, among others, rice husk and compost. We work closely with the University of Wageningen and Stichting RHP to guarantee the quality of our MPS potting mixtures. We pay a great deal of attention to creating the best formulation for the plants. As well as carrying the MPS quality mark, our MPS potting mixtures also have other benefits:
-The unique foil packaging of the potting mix is composed of 40% plant-based materials.

-An important component of the potting mixture is a completely new organic fertiliser for plant and soil, authorized to be labelled ‘organic’.


The RHP (regulations for trade in potting mixtures) quality mark guarantees the quality of product throughout the chain. From the extraction of raw materials to processing and supply to the customer. Cultivation media and ingredients with the RHP quality mark meet the specified chemical and physical criteria, contain minimal weeds and are free from organisms that are harmful to plants.
The RHP quality mark is a certified quality mark and provides an optimum guarantee of reliability, safety and quality. Pokon potting mix meets all requirements set by the RHP quality label, the only certification system or potting mixtures approved by the Dutch government.

Inspire your customers

Potting mix and fertilisers don’t often appear on your customers’ shopping lists. What’s more, your customers frequently buy on impulse and are prepared to protect their investment. These are conclusions from a range of research studies that we have conducted in recent years. Partly from this reason we actively endeavour, through the use of diverse concepts, to place potting mix and fertiliser products with the relevant plants.

We would be pleased to talk to you about the options, and together enhance the profitability of this already lucrative product group.