Our roots

In Holland

Pokon started its activities in 1929 with development of the basic formula for plant fertiliser (P2O5K2ON2). With this product, the introduction of Pokon houseplant fertilizer became reality. And that makes Pokon one of the oldest plant fertilizer brands in the world. Our long history, almost 90 years, and a sophisticated marketing strategy have made Pokon Naturado the market leader.
When it comes to potting mixtures, fertilisers and grass seeds for the consumer market, we are the leader in one of the most developed gardening markets in the world. The Pokon name is the best known in our category, with a Dutch consumer brand awareness at 71 percent!

Points of Sales

You will find Pokon all over the world! From Russia to South-Africa.

Selection of our products


Overview countries

  • Luxemburg
  • Zwedwen
  • Kuwait
  • Polen
  • Malta
  • Engeland
  • Griekenland
  • Frankrijk
  • Rusland
  • Qatar
  • Iran
  • Roemenie
  • Suriname
  • Irak
  • Zuid-korea
  • Nederland

Brand identity

You will find all our products in our catalog 2018/2019

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